RCO Day Course – EOS, Sherborne

Milborne Port, Sherborne, DT9 5DL

Confident and stylish playing

From 10.30am until 4pm

At English Organ School

Milborne Port, Sherborne, DT9 5DL

Ian Curror – RCO Regional Consultant, South-West Region

Margaret Phillips, one of the country's leading players and teachers, shares her wealth of knowledge and experience on matters of technique, style, how to learn and practise music effectively, dealing with performance nerves and much more in this open playing day. An added attraction is that the event takes place at the English Organ School where Margaret Phillips's extensive collection of organs and other keyboard instruments is housed.

Full details on the RCO website.

Book online here or contact Ian Curror at iancurror@btinternet.com, 01803 555448.