Britannia Royal Naval College Chapel – Dartmouth

The Chapel

The present buildings date from 1905, the architect was Sir George Aston Webb, one of the more distinguished of his day, whose previous commissions included Admiralty Arch and the East Front of Buckingham Palace. The foundation stone was laid by King Edward VII in March 1902 and the first cadets entered the College three years later.

The Organ

The organ was originally built by Hele as a two manual instrument soon after the college was constructed in 1910, and enlarged to a three manual later.
In 1974 Rushworths added several extended ranks.

Considerable improvements were undertaken by Michael Farley in 1995, including:
Renewal of many of the electro magnets – Replacement of the draw stop machines with modern solenoids – Provision of new actions to the Great and Swell with improvements to the design to gain better repetition – Overhaul of the Great and Swell Organs – Provisions of new Mixtures on the Great and Swell Organs – Improved effectiveness of the Swell Box – Provision of some new pipe work on the Choir Organ including:
Koppel – Flute 4′
Principle 2′
Chimney Flute 8′
Tierce 1 3/4
Nazard 2 2/3