St John – Shiphay, Torquay TQ2 7HP

The older part of the church was built of local red sandstone in the late 1800’s by William Kitson, and opened in 1928, when it was then handed over to the parish of St Marychurch. The interior of the church is light and airy.

There is a modern sound system, and a computer-driven projector for worship songs, and a band which includes piano, keyboard, guitars, flutes, clarinets and drums, plus the organ. The church hall is across the road from the church. See St John’s website.

We had a lovely afternoon and we were warmly greeted by
Ray Knowles, and Bob and Jenny Brennand. The ‘tea’ ladies did us proud and produced a marvellous spread of food and lovely home made cakes!

The two-manual organ is built by Brindley & Foster, dating from 1888. It was originally installed in Long Eaton Methodist Church in Derbyshire, and was installed in St John’s in 1963 by Henry Willis & Sons Ltd. Extra ranks (Swell Contra Oboe 16′ and Pedal Open Diapason 8′) were added when the instrument was installed in St John’s. The console is detached, with a concave radiating pedal board.

Open Diapason 8Stopped Diapason 8Resultant Bass 32
Stopped Diapason 8Gedackt 8Major Bass 16
Duciana 8Viol da gamba 8Bourdon 16
Nason Flute 4Fugara 4Open Diapason 8
Principal 4Mixture 15.19.22Bourdon 8
Mixture 12.15Trumpet 8Bourdon 4
 Contra Oboe 16Contra Oboe 16